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The Cryssalis Lamp

The Cryssalis Lamp is a beautiful staple piece that can be used in any room.  Simply tap it to turn-on and let it illuminate your room with its stunning luminous effect.  Let it brighten up your day in just a few seconds.

Key Features:

  • Touch Activated
  • Up to 12-Hour battery life
  • Adjust the intensity with long-press
  • USB Charger

How it works.

Simply tap to turn on and let it radiate your living area.  Its modern design makes it a great staple piece for any room.


All sorts of colors.

Choose from 3 different selections.  Choose from either our: white, tri-natural light, or LED lamp.


Lift up your mood.

Our lamps are a great way to lift up your mood for the day.  Simply tap it and let it brighten up your environment and mood. 



What material is the lamp made of? Is it easy to break?

The lamp is made of acrylic plasic to mimic the look of reflective light and should only be used under normal wear-and-tear conditions.

What's the difference between the color selections?

We currently offer 3 choices for the chrysallis lamp: white, tri-natural light, and the 16-LED.

White: only cast white light

Tri Natural Light: cast 3 shades of natural light (see images for examples)

16-LED: cast 16 shades of color (see images for examples, our current best-seller)

What size is the lamp?

8.6"in x 3.5"in