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Brightly Buddy Crossbody Bag™

Brightly Buddy Crossbody Bag

Leave Everyone Awestruck By Your Class!

The best way to make yourself feel like a Queen or diva is with our trending brightly Buddy Crossbody bag. With astonishing details and fluent royal touch, this crossbody bag stands out and is a definite head-turner.

Here Is Why Our Brightly Buddy Crossbody Bag Stands Out

Apart from its trendsetting design, this bag comes with an impressive wow factor.
Under Normal Light: Under normal lighting conditions, the color of the bag looks dark greyish and changes color slightly depending on the angle of illumination. If the light intensity changes significantly, its color also changes too.
Night Or Dark Condition: Under dull lighting conditions, the bag will give out a stunning colorful effect when exposed to strong lights or flashlights.

Rainbow Effect: For a  more colorful rainbow-effect experience, the light intensity hitting against the bag must be stronger than the background light. For instance, car headlight flash or flashlight from a camera when taking a snapshot.

It is guaranteed to upgrade your style and you will be like a goddess to your peers. If you’ve always wanted to look classy and stylish, this Brightly Buddy Crossbody Bag statement piece will make you take that step.

With a considerable capacity, this spacious and functional bag is ready to assist you. Soft yet structural, this minimalist bag allows for easy access to your things on the go.

Product Highlights:

✓ Combination of elegance and sophistication

✓ Made from authentic and premium grade materials

✓ Great as a birthday or anniversary present to your loved ones

✓ Comes well packaged

✓ Comfortable to carry around

✓ Highly polished surface


Key Features

Beautiful Trendsetting Design;We are totally in love with its simple but yet elegant style. Its luminous patterns will take your class to a whole new level.

Durable Material;It is crafted from the best quality fabric, guaranteed to flatter you the best.
High Quality;Our bag is designed for comfort. It can be worn on any occasion whether at a wedding, a night out, or on a date.

Simple and Versatile;Versatility makes this handbag the perfect transitional piece for any wardrobe. It is perfect for the forthcoming Fall or Autumn.
Perfect Gift; Leave a lasting memory to a loved one. This bag will make the perfect gift for a birthday, wedding, or valentine’s day.

Durability;Nothing beats the durability of this bag. Scratch-resistant, water-repelling, easy to clean, you name it. It will last you ages.

Large Capacity;This bag features a 18 cm x 28 cm x 7.5 cm capacity allowing you to fit in your daily essentials.

Please note:Wearing this under direct sunlight will keep the bag in a dark grey color. This is because the light from the sun will be too strong and equal to the background light of the surrounding environment.

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Size in inches (7” x 11” x 3”)

Size in cm (18 cm x 28 cm x 7.5 cm)

Designed with the popular irregular geometric shard pattern

purple soul polyester lining

Zipper close handbag with detachable crossbody strap. Adjust the size to fit

One internal pocket with zipping and two internal open pockets with reflective trim


Note: we are currently only offering refunds if the product is dead on arrival or if it's been 30 business days and you still haven't received your order. Once you purchase you are not entitled to a refund unless you meant the aforementioned requirements.