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Canis Aquarius™ Anti-Spill Pet Water Bowl

Are you tired to wipe the water that your dog or your cat spill when they are drinking from their bowl?

There is a solution for you: a life-saving no-spill drinking water dispenser! Just pour water in the bowl and it dispenses only the necessary amount of the precious liquid to your furry friend.

No mess. No fuss. It's elegant and it comes in many fun colors. Everybody is satisfied! This slow feeding feature also avoids saliva spilling and keeps your floor dry and tidy!

It's even vehicle tested, so you can keep your Canis Aquarius bowl in your car, while driving and still won't spill!


  • Easy to clean, disassemble and reassemble.
  • Uniquely designed to make drinking feel more natural for your pet.
  • Anti slip bottom so the bowl stays in place when in use.
  • Prevents water from splashing on your pet's face.
  • Completely anti splash and anti spill design: no more cleaning up after your fur friend!
  • Strong, durable materials so it lasts a long time without needing to be replaced
  • Keeps your floor dry and tidy with its unique waterproof edge strip and floating disk design, effectively preventing water from overflowing.
  • The floating disk can control the amount of water available to drink at once, preventing over drinking and easily keeping pet’s your pet's hair nice and dry.
  • Keeps the water sanitary and clean by stopping your pets from fiddling with it their drinking supply. Provide clean. healthy water to your pets all day!


  • Materials: ABS & PP plastic
  • Water Capacity: 35oz (over 1 liters !)
  • Overall Size: 8.8 x 7.2 x 3 inches (22.5x18.5x7.8 cm)
  • Suitable for: Dogs or Cats

Package Includes:

1x Anti Spill Pet Water Bowl (color of your choosing)